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a leader is
16 Sep, 2022
A leader is a person who sees something that needs to be done, knows that they can help make it happen, and gets started.
leadership skills
05 Sep, 2022
create, maintain, and nurture positive relationships with colleagues, suppliers, customers, partner organizations, and other stakeholders.
Managerial Skills
29 Aug, 2022
A mark of a good leader is to provide constant motivation to his team to maintain an excellence and quality in results. A good leader is always looking for ways to improve production and standards. Here are six skills you can develop in working to attain quality in the team
change management
22 Aug, 2022
This article is designed to provide guidance for executives, managers, and specialists, who are involved in leading the strategic direction of their organizations. In this article we consider the manner in which they should lead as the strategic plan is implemented and as it establishes new working practices and supports the reshaping of the organizational culture.
leaders and managers
15 Aug, 2022
Although some people treat the terms management and leadership as synonyms, the two should be distinguished. As a matter of fact, there can be leaders of completely unorganized groups. On the other hand, there can be managers, as conceived here, only where organized structures create roles.
leadership training
08 Aug, 2022
The introduction of a successful leader into a management team is a good investment for any organization. Leaders visualize plans, inspire subordinates and plan the required course. Leadership skills comprise of various qualities such as optimism, commitment and the ability to use power effectively.
leadership delegation
01 Aug, 2022
The approach that successful leaders must take in order to create, maintain, and nurture positive relationships with colleagues, suppliers, customers, partner organizations, and other stakeholders.
Leadership skills
21 Jul, 2022
Real leaders are prepared to reveal their weakness, because they know they are not super-human. Leaders should reveal their personality quirks ñ maybe they can be bad tempered in the morning, be sometimes shy with new people or even a little disorganized. Such admissions show they are human
Leadership development
01 Jul, 2022
leadership in the workplace, for both aspiring leaders and those managers who are taking on leadership roles.
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